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Pakistani personnel are known throughout the world for their hard work, loyalty, honesty and conscientiousness.

In recent years, they have been recruited in increasingly large numbers to work in inaccessible places and inclement climates. Whenever they were employed, the new industries flourished, largely due to their intelligence and industrious habits. They enjoy an excellent reputation when working overseas, CHANNELS COMMUNICATIONS, offer you enterprising men of this caliber to make your project a success.

We at CHANNELS COMMUNICATIONS., recruit personnel from all over Pakistan and supply them to developing countries and also the industrialized West. Men who are fully qualified. You will have no need to spend money on their education and training. Men who are waiting impatiently to help you with your projects.

The increased pace of industrialization and the improvement in technical education have created a large pool of experienced and well-trained technicians and workers of all grades in Pakistan today.

Tap this vast reservoir of manpower. To date, we have placed scores of candidates of various categories to work in projects in the Middle East Countries, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere.

We can help you when you have a contract with us, but, even better, we can advise you when you tender in matters relating to personnel. We can be your Personnel Managers in Pakistan.


CHANNELS COMMUNICATIONS., has all the resources to satisfy your staffing needs. Services of professionals in all areas of engineering are available which can be supplied on short-term projects or long-terms contracts. Our diverse candidate database encompasses people with all levels of education, skills and experience and consist of the entire gamut of human resources extending from artisans, supervisors, engineers, IT professionals, administrative staff, medical and paramedical and specialists in various fields.

In today’s tight labor market, recruiting and retaining the best and brightest people required some pretty powerful expertise. And over the years, with deep experience in staffing and workforce management, we’ve acquired a wealth of knowledge that we’re eager to share with our clients to help them succeed.

Our recruitment capabilities, coupled with state-of-the-art candidates management network , enable us to successfully find the qualified people your organization needs. Our standards are the highest, which are backed by our innovative system of interviewing, selecting and matching plus our training assessments. We determine what evaluation procedure (interviews / testes / personality evaluation, etc, the candidates must go through. The procedure is different for different levels of positions and expertise required for the positions. We also send our short listing to the client. The client carries out the final interview(s) in Pakistan or place of employment and makes his own selection.

We have an acute understanding of not only the industry, but also the skills employees must possess to be successful in a wide range of positions. We bring specialized experience in virtually every discipline to help you develop a workforce solution that meets your unique needs.